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Forecast your Greenhouse energy costs

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m a greenhouse expert in Agra Tech greenhouses and virtual consultant. I can help you forecast the expected energy costs and inner climate of a new or existing greenhouse anywhere in the world. Forecast temperature, humidity, light levels, heating and cooling requirements on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Know what to expect before you invest.

Increase Your Profits with a Greenhouse Performance Audit

Maximize your profit by understanding your costs. Our audit goes through every aspect of your greenhouse to ensure that you are operating at maximum efficiency. If you want to see the potential of your greenhouse and how to maximize your output with, we can help. Our audits show you how you can increase profits per square foot.

Save Thousands on Heating & Cooling Costs

Heating and cooling are two of the greatest expenses for greenhouse owners. Lights, AC, and other energy costs lead to serious expenses. Whether you are running a large or small greenhouse, energy costs will add up quickly. To save money on those costs, you need to know where there are overages and the best path to reduce them. Without an in-depth audit, that simply would not be possible. Our audits reveal holes in your heating and cooling costs and give you a plan for helping your business save thousands.

Improve Your Automation

Create an environment for success by improving your automation processes through our audit. Explore how your plants are responding to the environment or simply create a more detailed management plan for your business, by getting an in-depth explanation of your automation process. Our audit helps you improve your systems to leverage what you already have, and helping you figure out where you need to
go from here.

Increase Your Greenhouse Light Levels

Greenhouse light levels are extremely sensitive, especially depending on the plants that you are growing. However, if you do not have a system in place to manage and monitor those light levels, you could be setting up your greenhouse for serious problems. Our audit enables you to increase your light levels in all the right ways to make your vegetation thrive.

Optimize Greenhouse Humidity Control

Humidity control is extremely important for the health of your greenhouse. Our audit services help you clearly see through any humidity problem, and our step-by-step recommendations ensure your greenhouse stays healthy.

Increase The Overall Performance of Your Greenhouse

The performance of your greenhouse is dependent on the quality of your environment. Helping you achieve greater health from your greenhouse is our number one goal. Whether your greenhouse is not producing the way you want it to, or if you are looking to increase the working conditions for your employees, a greenhouse performance audit can help. Our audits also cover pest problems and labor costs.

How It Works

While our processes are completely flexible and focused on efficiency, we generally take the following 2-
step process with our clients.

Step 1. Greenhouse Audit

We will dive deep and analyze your concerns to see what issues might be preventing your greenhouse from thriving.

Step 2. Greenhouse Improvement Recommendations

Next, we provide in-depth recommendations for your greenhouse based on the audit. Increase your growing environment and get hands-on, in-person recommendations, with our audits

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