Greenhouse Hack: Cheap Water Harvesting


Cheap Water Harvesting
Cheap Rainwater Collection System

Is an expensive water delivery service eating into your profits? This issue inspired a family friend of mine to create his own “low-budget” water harvesting system for his greenhouses. Instead of purchasing a large fiberglass rain water system, which would have cost him in the range of $18,000-$50,000, he experimented with two 30,000 gallon above ground swimming pools at a cost of only $1,700 each. He then installed a cheap Home Depot gutter system on his two greenhouses, positioning them so that they would flow into the pools. This custom rain collection system can completely fill the pools after a single heavy rain, supplying him with enough water for over a month of growing.

Imagine if you could eliminate your crop’s water expenses, how much of an impact would that have on your bottom line?

30,000 Gallons of Water for Free!

This water harvesting system has helped him to maximize his profits by eliminating almost all of his water delivery expenses. Not to mention, even though he lives off of the grid, he now has access to a steady supply of water which can be pumped into his greenhouses. Though results may be different for your scenario, what his experiment shows is that there is an opportunity to cut your water expenses by adopting a rainwater collection system. This “low-budget” system works best in an area where temperatures rarely reach below freezing and if your crop can survive using untreated rain water. However, this system could be easily be improved with a solar thermal pool cover to help prevent the pool from freezing, or investing in high quality water storage tanks.

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-Daniel Monk

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