Electroculture: Interesting Potential

Yannick’s Magnetic Beeswax Antenna- Photo Credit

Need more ideas for improving plant growth, quality, yields, and disease prevention for your crops? It may be time for you to research and experiment with electroculture. Yannick  Van Doorne Ph.D., Engineer in Agriculture and Biotechnology, actively consults with farmers around the world to improve the yields and health of their crops. A month or two ago I wrote about his work related to music and its effects on plant growth, but now I want to introduce you to another one his alternative techniques for healthy soil and higher yields; electroculture.

Video Source

Though the video above is outdated, it is one of the few videos that I am able to find that explains Yannick’s research in English. In the video he briefly mentions his studies related to the influence of magnetic and electromagnetic waves and their effects on plant growth. He states that you can fertilize your soil with magnets as the magnetic waves they create have a substantial impact on the plants they surround. At first it may sound hard to believe, but it can’t be ignored that many years of experiments have proven his theories. As stated on his website, electroculture can be explained as a group of techniques that use electricity and magnetism to assist plant growth.

Electroculture synonymous with magnetoculture  are generic terms used to describe an assortment of techniques designed to amplify and focus magnetic and natural electric forces of nature to boost soil fertility, and plant growth. Magnetoculture refers more specifically to magnetic influences and electroculture to electric influences on plant growth and soil fertility. His studies have uncovered that plants are sensitive to electricity and magnetism, with improved plant growth, quality, and increased yields as some of the noticeable effects. In addition, his experiments have proven that the technology can also be used to protect plants from pests and diseases.

He has proven that simply adding a few strategically placed magnets throughout a crop, can have some very interesting results. For more information about his experiments I highly suggest reading this 7 page summary on electroculture written by Yannick. Just look below at one of the photos from his summary; INSANE! Also, if you can read French, his French website is more current than his English website.

left: No Electroculture.                               Right: With Electroculture.

Many may find it hard to believe that electroculture could have any effect on plant growth. I, on the other hand, see potential to possibly increase yields with an inexpensive and unique growing technique.

Do you have any experience with this topic? Have you ever heard of electroculture? Want to get in touch with Yannick? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Electroculture: Interesting Potential”

  1. I’m curious if anyone has applied this to legal Cannabis cultivation. I’d be interested in speaking to Yannick about testing electroculture in our medical grow facility.

    1. Ted Reynolds,

      Thank you for the comment! I have actually spoken with Yannick through email about electrocute and cannabis cultivation. He has never experimented with it before, but he was very confident in explaining that it is a technique that can work with any and all plants. I am very interested in brainstorming some ideas about this topic. Might be time to send Yannick another email.

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