Helical Outpost: Weapon of Mass Resource Stabilization

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Can a greenhouse in combination with solar photovoltaics (PV) help eliminate global conflict? Dylan Ratigan and a handful of veterans are proving that it can. During their service they noticed that one of the primary causes for global conflict is the sense of despair derived from a total lack of access to any resource systems. So, how can we battle this despair and provide resources like clean water, food, electricity, and wireless communications in polluted, rural, unfavorable climates? Introducing the Helical Outpost™ :

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The Helical Outpost™  provides food, water purification, solar energy, and wireless communications with zero carbon footprint. It is constructed in a “plug-n-play” box that can be delivered anywhere in the world. It can provide up to 2,400 plants a week using up to 90% less water than traditional farming. With access to dirty water (rain, wells, rivers, etc.) it can provide up to 2000 gallons of purified water per day. With enough sunlight, it can generate up to 11 kWh of electricity per hour with 50 kWh of storage capacity. Finally, it can provide wireless capabilities covering up to nine square miles.

How does it work?

Water Purification:

The Outpost’s pre-integrated water purification system is equipped with four levels of filtration: carbon, sediment, reverse osmosis and UV. The filtration system is capable of cleaning up to 2000 gallons of contaminated water per day. The clean water is circulated throughout the grow system and can used for drinking. This system does require access to water, whether it is rain water, a well, a river or pond, the Outpost purifies the liquid into usable water.


The Helical Outpost™ comes equipped with a pre-configured solar power generation and storage system. It is also equipped with a pre-integrated plug-n-play electrical panel that eliminates the need for an electrician during installation. Commercial grade solar PV panels and power generator produce more than 10 Kilowatt hours (kWhs) of electricity per hour and store up to 50 kWhs in battery storage. Furthermore, the solar system is designed to integrate with existing power grids and external generators if available, which maintains the integrity of the power during periods without sunlight. This turns the Outpost into a power station that can provide communities a stable back-up electric power grid in addition to powering the Outpost’s farm, water, and communications systems.


The Outpost includes a 2,880 square foot, commercial-grade, hydroponic greenhouse that unpacks from the container. It can grow year-round crops indoors in locations that do not have soil or lack fertile land. The Outpost may produce the equivalent of up to 3 acres of conventional soil-based growing, using approximately 400 gallons per day of fresh water filtered by the Outpost. Leafy greens, including spinach, lettuce, and kale, may yield approximately 2200 heads per week (all year) based on an approximate 6 or 7 week process from planting a seed to harvest. The Outpost uses table-based, leafy green growing that allows easy, accessible operation by children and people with mobility limitations. Vine crops, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, may yield up to 300 pounds per week.

The hydroponic system uses 80-90% less water than conventional soil-based growing. This maximized efficiency from state-of-the-art hydroponic production, allows the Outpost to produce up to five times the yield of volume compared to traditional, soil-based growth. In areas where conventional soil-based growing is desired and already in use, the Outpost may be configured only for propagation within the entire growing area to dramatically improve germination rates and outputs for conventional, soil-based growing.

Wireless Communications:

In partnership with Globalstar, the Outpost is able to provide satellite voice and data communications on a mobile satellite communications network. The Globalstar Sat-Fi™ Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot allows 8 unique portable Wi-Fi enabled devices (phone, tablet & laptop) to connect to the internet allowing them to send & receive voice calls, texts, email, data, and transfer files. This is a huge benefit for rural areas where wireless communication is near impossible.

Overall, The Helical Outpost™ truly is a weapon of mass resource stabilization. With zero carbon footprint it can provide purified water (from a water source), electricity, food, and wireless communications anywhere in the world. This system can transform the living conditions in areas of poverty, unfavorable climate, and contaminated water. In developed areas the system can provide standardized tools and a standardized economic model for a marketplace hub straight from the plug-n-play system. The applications are vast; imagine combining 10-20 Outposts to create a grid-like energy/food/water production facility anywhere in the world! Not only am I interested in hearing more about the Helical Outpost™, I am curious to know, if not already decided, who will be the greenhouse supplier for these systems?

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