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Healthy Roots| Fabric & Air-Pots

Last week we talked about soil health and ways to improve it through organic matter, no-till gardening methods, and compost tea. After putting all of this effort into creating high quality soil, the next step is to make sure that the containers used for planting are going to promote healthy plant growth. Container growing, or growing in pots instead …

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Organic Matter | Soil Health

Greenhouse growing is similar to growing outside except it gives added control and the option for continuous high quality results. One of the big differences between a plant growing in its natural habitat and one growing in a artificial habitat can be its soil. Healthy soil is key in strong plant grown, but what defines healthy soil?

IPM Biocontrol

This is a continuation of my Integrated pest management (IPM) post. When the proper cultural and physical IPM controls are in place, but there is still a pest problem, the next tactic on the IPM list is biological control (biocontrol). Biocontrol is the use of living organisms such as insects, mites, nematodes, fungi and bacteria to control pests …

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Integrated Pest Management

Insects and diseases are a major challenge in greenhouse production. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an important tool to managing pests by using physical, cultural, biological, and chemical tactics that are, safe, profitable, and environmentally compatible. It is an approach that is adaptable to all greenhouse grown crops, and focuses on pest management rather than pest elimination …

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Light Deprivation: Methods | Tarps |Suppliers

If you read part one and two of this light dep conversation then you should understand the process behind it and some of the pros and cons associated with it. If you’re considering taking the next step towards extra harvests and higher quality buds, here is a post with tons of videos demonstrating the methods for blacking-out …

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