Greenhouse Accessories

Light Deprivation: Methods | Tarps |Suppliers

If you read part one and two of this light dep conversation then you should understand the process behind it and some of the pros and cons associated with it. If you’re considering taking the next step towards extra harvests and higher quality buds, here is a post with tons of videos demonstrating the methods for blacking-out …

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Rolling Benches: Maximize Your Profits

Metal rolling benches have made their way into the cannabis industry providing some serious benefits over stationary benches or growing on the ground. Generally used in production greenhouses to help lower cost of production, rolling benches allow the grower to gain growing space, accurate temperature control, and avoid humidity related diseases. Below are two videos from GGS Structures …

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Don’t Over Accessorize

  Photo Credit Sometimes simple is best, even if you are shopping for a greenhouse. Trying to determine the accessories that you will need,  wont need, and absolutely don’t need but are going to end up buying anyways, is a little intimidating for some. If you are interested in learning about the basic accessories and their potential value to your greenhouse, here is …

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